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Say Hello!

The Come-Together.Us Movement


Founded in 2019, is a movement aimed at creating harmonious local communities by building a strong sense of connection and appreciation; no matter what age, occupation, interests, ethnicity or beliefs.  

By achieving this, we hope to break down barriers resulting in happier individuals with strong sense of community.

When communities are harmonious and acceptance and tolerance are the norm, we will have created the core “building blocks” to address the broader challenges that society now  faces – loneliness, increasing suicide rates, declining mental health, a feeling of displacement and no active support.


By simply saying “Hello” to some one you don’t know is the first step on the journey to creating a real community. Dialogue leads to awareness, understanding, support and ultimately action.

Go Fund Me Campaign


Help Tony buy t-shirts to give to community champions.


Say 'Hello' to your Community Champions©

It started with a simple “Hello” to discover there are selfless, every day people who seek no credit for their contributions to the community.

They are Community Champions©. You’ll never know unless you say “Hello” how much information, support & goodwill is available.

Community Champions© deserve to be recognised for their selfless inspiration. Tell us who they are, what they do and we’ll give them a shirt.

Danialla gets shirt-min.jpg
Freshwater Group-min.jpg
Say 'Hello'
at our Come-Togethers.


Our bi-monthly "Come-Togethers” is your opportunity to say Hello, meet, greet and hear what Community Champions© do.

At the same time keep up to speed with what is happening around you.

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