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Tony Stewart — Founder

Tony believes it’s the fear of the unknown that leads to misconceptions, misunderstanding, mistrust and anxieties about  different ethnic backgrounds.

A simply “hello" can change all that - it can start a conversation  and help to break down the barriers.


Tim Herlihy — Co-Founder

He is passionate about the behavioural change ‘How Do You Do It’  is achieving in partnership with clients and is particularly interested in the changing nature of fatherhood and the way teams are being managed for the future that is increasingly flexible.

Our Mission is to assist individuals to create a local community where everyone feels connected, supported and are comfortable opening up about their challenges.


Our aim is to increase wellbeing by reducing some of the social issues that communities now face. We would love to celebrate a “Come-Together” day like “Clean Up Australia” achieved. Everything we do is leading toward this end goal.


Our values are a key part of our culture and approach as we tackle the barriers that are stopping society from being “real local communities”.  


We have adopted the values of:

Connection – Inclusion – Openness - Wellbeing - Respect

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